Massage Services

swedish massage

Slip into a state of complete serenity. A Swedish massage is meant to focus on muscle

relaxation. If you are looking to sneak away from life's daily commotion and alleviate

stress, this is the perfect massage for you! 

50 or 80 minutes


deep tissue massage

 This type of massage is the ultimate stress relieving treatment. Let our therapist

customize the perfect massage to work out any rigid tissue or "knots" that may be

causing you discomfort. Perfect for clients who have chronic aches or pain.

50 or 80 minutes


prenatal pamper package

Although a beautiful blessing, growing a human can be exhausting and uncomfortable!

Let us pamper you with a full body massage on our mommy pillow, sugar foot scrub, hot

towels, aromatherapy, and a scalp massage! You deserve it!

80 minutes


just the back

Perfect the client who has ticklish legs or wants to focus on the upper body! This

massage includes back, shoulders, neck and arms. 

30 or 50 min


couples massage

What better way to say "I appreciate you" than a couples massage in on of our beautiful

couple suites with complimentary wine! This is perfect for couples, sisters, best friends

or mom and Daughters! 

50 or 80 minutes


sports massage

Perfect for athletes who want to prevent injury or recover from a recent event. Sports massage targets the deepest layers or the muscle to decrease inflammation after exercise, improve athletic performance or decrease pain. 

50 or 80 minutes


hot river stone massage 

Indulge in total relaxation with this powerfully therapeutic massage with hot and oiled river stones as they glide along your muscles. The melting sensation promotes a profound sense of relaxation. 

80 minutes



just relax and let us do the stretching. increase range of motion, alleviate joint stress  and reduce stiffness. there are so many great benefits of getting stretched such as increasing blood flow to your muscles, improving posture, soothes headaches and so much more. 

we have 15, 30 and 50 minute stretch sessions. enjoy $10 off your stretch session when you add a session to your massage. 

15/25/50 minutes


Facial Treatments


Anti-Aging Facial

Our skin specialist will help you fight signs of aging with high quality products and techniques that infuse your skin with the vitamins and minerals it needs to reduce fine lines, stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity. 

50 minutes



Acne Facial

This invigorating therapy is grounding and helps cleanse, tone and soften irritated skin. We use nourishing products to purify and moisturize your skin.

50 minutes




teen facial

A basic foundation of good skincare is important for young skin. The perfect gentle yet effective facial for your teen. Recommend for ages 11-16  

30 minutes


gentlemen’s facial

Designed specifically for men’s unique skin’s needs. Hot towels and a therapeutic neck, arm, scalp and shoulder massage is included focusing on the areas most affected by stress. 

50 minutes


oxygen facial

Enjoy a cooling and calming oxygen facial treatment that delivers oxygen infused with our specialized serums filled with antioxidants, essential minerals and vitamins penetrating to all the layers of the skin and feels like a liquid face lift. Oxygen helps to strengthen skin’s elasticity, even out skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce acne-causing bacteria and the appearance of pores. 

50 minutes


organic facial

This luxurious organic facial includes gentle cleansing, exfoliation to shed dry, dulling skin cells and imbedded impurities, warm towel compresses to soften and stimulate, massage to promote circulation and relaxation, treatment masks to feed, hydrate and brighten, and concentrated moisturizers to nourish and protect. 

50 minutes


dermaplaning facial

This very beneficial procedure gently removes dead skin cells and unwanted fine facial hair, revealing fresh and glowing skin. 

50 minutes


express facial

Perfect for the busy person who needs to swing by on their lunch break! Our Express Facial is sure to leave your skin feeling clean and smooth. 

30 minutes



A bacial is a skin treatment specifically formulated for your back. bacials are available for both men and women targeting specific skin types or issues such as clogged pores and acne on the back

50 minutes


royal rose facial 

rose is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, creates cell renewal, balances moods, balances hormones, opens the heart and clears the skin, your skin will thank you for this amazing facial. 

50 minutes


hydrojelly facial 

choose from several different hyrdojelly facials we have available! austrailian sheep placenta, egyption rose and several more.

50 minutes


Series & Packages



Acne Reduction series

Includes 5 acne facials, customized to your skins unique needs. Includes home regimen instructions and acne reduction kit with everything you need to get your skin on the right track.



Dolly & Dude Pamper Package 

spoil your spouse with the ultimate couples massage experience! this package includes a hot river stone massage, foot scrub with hot towels, aromatherapy, and a facial with microdermabrasion. 

100 minutes


ultimate spa experience 

we believe in self love. taking care of yourself is healthy and necessary. let us pamper you with a hot river stone massage, aromatherapy, foot scrub with hot towels, reflexology, scalp massage and a facial with microdermabrasion. 

approximately 2 hours


Mommy & me princess package 

let your little girl feel like a princess for a day, plus we know you need it mommy! this package includes a full body massage, hot (warm) stones, aromatherapy, hot (warm) towels, a scalp massage and a mini facial with cucumbers on the eyes for both of you! arrive a few minutes early to enjoy a juicebox and some "mom Juice" before your pamper package. 

100 minutes



beauty services


classic full set of eyelash extensions 

A licensed esthetician and master lash technician will isolate each individual eyelash and apply an extension to it creating a more dramatic effect than natural lashes can give you.

up to 2 hours

classic one week refill

up to 8 days after application

up to 30 minutes

Classic two week refill

up to 15 day after application

up to one hour

classic three week refill

up to 21 days after application

up to 1.5 hours

volume mix in full set

 a volume mix in is a custom mix of volume and classic lashes. perfect for the client

with a sparse lash line who is wanting to add "volume",

up to 2..5 hours

volume mix in one week refill

up to 8 days after application

up to 45 minutes

volume mix in two week refill

up to 15 days after application

up to 1.5 hours

volume mix in three week refill

up to 21 days after application

up to 1 hour 45 minutes

volume lashes 

volume lashes are Multiple lashes are applied to one single natural eyelash. 

this set will have volume lashes on every natural lash. 

up to 2 hours 45 minutes

volume one week refill 

up to 8 days after application

up to 45 minutes

volume two week refill

up to 15 days after application

up to 1 hour 45 minutes

volume three week refill 

up to 21 days after application

up to 2  hours 15 minute

we believe you should put your heart into everything you do, for us thats pampering you.